Speakeasy Select (Seelbach Bar)

Distillery: Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (This is a bourbon that is sold exclusively at the Old Seelbach Bar in Louisville. It is private labeled as the "Speakeasy Select")

Proof: 118 Proof

Nose: Black Cherry, Pepper, slight vanilla with fine leather and clove coming through. The nose is ever changing on this bourbon. It is ever-evolving. After 5 minutes a very faint creme brulee appears under the vanilla with corn and nutmeg. Very complex! Ater 15 minutes the nose begins to move back to vanilla as the dominant flavor

Taste: Full mouthfeel with black cherry, vanilla in the front. A pepper spice and hazelnut hit at mid-palate with a hint of clove. The spice disappears quickly with well integrated tannins coming through to give the bourbon body and balance. You begin to taste dark chocolate as the taste moves to the back of the palate-outstanding!

Finish: Long and lingering with caramel, high quality leather, dark chocolate, and hints of hazelnut. After 10 minutes an almost cherry vanilla makes an appearance.

Overall: Gorgeous color, incredible complexity, ever evolving. The nose is subdued compared to the taste, which is full bodied and robust. You need a splash of water with this monster. I is hard to believe this is a KBD product. It drinks nothing like the Willets products normally associated with the KBD. However, picked out this barrel for bottling did an outstanding job-Well Done!

Rating: 96 (Masterpiece)

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